Ramesh Kannan entered the movie field thirteen years ago to learn art direction. He was fond of art and did caricatures when young. Being a movie fanatic he dropped college to join cinema. Nine years in the art field he decided to shift his focus to makeup. He joined Max Factor Chennai to learn makeup for two years and came back to become the Ramesh Kannan we know. He has been an active presence in the makeup industry through shows, ad films, movies and so on.

Works Though he is a member in FEFKA – Film Employees Federation of Kerala, Ramesh Kannan now works mostly on advertisements and weddings. He displayed his artistry through ads like Kalyan, Bheema and very recently for AGP jewelers. In addition to that he has been doing the makeup for Miss South India and Kochi Fashion Week for the past 10 years.

Ramesh Kannan is the maestro in air brush makeup. He is the first to introduce this technology in Kerala. Air brush is a special and innovative makeup technology that assures long lasting and natural effect. Other makeups last only for two or three hours but this technology has proven more. To apply, one needs to understand the face and skin type of the client. He does the work in the most perfectionistic fashion.

Ramesh Kannan Bridal Makeover Studio

At Ramesh Kannan Bridal Makeover Studio, both bride and groom have the facility to get a makeover for their wedding. The client can choose from the packages provided. Another symbolic feature is the free trial. The bride gets to do a free one side makeup trial when they come for booking. Discounts are also provided if the client choose to have the services of both Makeover Studio and family salon. The makeup studio is packed by unique client friendly features like these.

Ramesh Kannan offers matchless hairstyling services on your wedding. He knows how important hair styling is in wedding makeovers. Ramesh Kannan also offers service at home which comes with additional personnel for the bride or groom.